March 7, 2021

Three Marketing Tactics For Modern Brokerages

The commercial real estate market is undergoing a massive amount of change. Commercial brokers are the mouthpiece from the market out to the public and able to leverage their expertise to convey market knowledge that is valuable to their clients. The way in which brokers provide this value could however use an upgrade. Upgrading your brand and voice of expertise out to prospects and clients would lead to more deals and a growing market share. A modern content approach is a differentiator now, and will be playing stakes in the near future.

Here are three tips for brokerages to modernize their outreach to win more deals.

  1. More Content. The first thing brokerages should do is make MORE CONTENT. A Quarterly Market Review is not enough. Content is king. The best brands make one piece of content every day! Going from 4 marketing pieces a year to 365 is a heavy lift, but try to start with two per month this quarter and go up from there. By the end of the year try to have two per week.
  2. Social. CRE Digital Army has done a fantastic job bringing together brokers who leverage social media to drive brand awareness. Just ask them what it has meant to their business. If they say “not much” it’s because they want to keep the rewards for themselves.
  3. Personalized Market Data. In the future, everyone is an analyst, the job of the broker is now and will continue to be providing not just a blanket Market Report, but data that is customized to the client viewing the information. When you log into your investment account you don’t just see blanketed information on the market, you see your positions coupled with market data you care about. As a real estate broker your client should have this experience as well. This technology exists today, LeaseUp built it. Ask us what it means to our users businesses and we’ll tell you the truth, a lot!

If you’d like to learn more about ways in which LeaseUp helps modern brokerages win more business please feel free to reach out to me directly at

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