Connecting People & Property

LeaseUp connects commercial real estate brokers with clients in a collaborative online platform. No more paper trails. No more PDFs. No more PowerPoints. Fast, simple, and seamless, helping brokers connect clients with spaces they love, faster.

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Quickly create client reports

complete the survey process for clients in minutes instead of days, so you can focus more of your time on driving new business

A new type of client experience

tenants today need speed, ease and transparency. LeaseUp provides that and more with the intuitive, easy to use digital platform that modern tenants crave

Move to lease faster

your clients receive better, more immersive data to help them make decisions faster

Collaborate with your team

invite your team onto the deal, collaborate and close deals faster

Share data virtually

data is shared virtually, no more PDF surveys and tourbooks

Fully permission based platform

the platform is fully secured and permission based, users see only what you share, nothing more

Track & Learn from your deals

what neighborhood should you & your client focus on first? Learn that and more with our revolutionary dealflow analytics

Get client feedback

harness client feedback to learn what type of spaces work best, and why

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